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A leading assembler of WLI Diesel Power Generators ranging from 5 to 620 kVA, suitable for 50 & 60 HZ markets. Systems are available in mechanical and electronic governors and equipped with quality products including Stamford alternators, DeepSea controllers and remote monitoring systems, Larger units are also available powered by Perkins and/or Cummins engines. 



Authorized distributor of Ward Leonard CT, LLC., a premier manufacturer of AC drilling motors in the USA. Motors are suitable for key drilling equipment including Top Drives, Mud Pumps, Draw Works, and Rotary Tables. Most motors are drop in replacement to many brands, which helps drilling contractors minimize their overall applied cost.

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WLI Lebanon

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El Esbij Street, Al Ashram Bldg., Suites A201-3

Dubai, UAE

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Headquarters: El Esbij Street, Al Ashram Bldg., Suites A201-3, Dubai, UAE         Phone: +971.55.706.6962


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